One of our niche focus areas, we take the complicated out of sectional title and HOA management. 
We’ve been running our own buildings for decades, and now combine that experience with our qualified professional staff to ensure a top-notch, customised service.

So whether you’re developing a new building, converting an existing block to sectional title, or taking the reins in respect of an existing scheme, we will take care of the following:

Financial Management:

  • Banking : We operate Body Corporate bank accounts, ensure full access to banking records, and take care of investing surplus funds in interest-bearing accounts.
  • Levies : We take over monthly invoicing and collection of levies, and sending out of statements.
  • Insurance : We manage the process of insuring the common property and improvements to replacement value, handle any and all insurance claims, and review insurance premiums as necessary.
  • Budgetary controls : We prepare annual budgets for body corporate approvals (detailed estimate on expenditures, income and required levies), and keep you updated with monthly reports on expenditure vs budgeted amounts.
  • Financial reports : We prepare financial reports for annual audit.

Administrative & Advisory Services:

  • AGMs and Trustee Meetings : We attend four meetings annually (by agreement), prepare agendas and notices, take minutes, and distribute minutes timeously.
  • Secretarial : We provide levy clearance certificates, and store all important documentation.
  • Advisory Services : We advise on management and conduct rules, on the Sectional Title Act, and provide access to formal legal advice where necessary.

Maintenance & Physical Management:

  • Maintenance Administration : Assist with queries and submission of quotes for required maintenance work, assist trustees in negotiations with service providers, and pay service providers on approval from trustees.
  • Physical Management : We offer the following additional options:
    • Regular site inspections in respect of maintenance requirements.
    • Reading of municipal meters.
    • Project management of maintenance work and physical improvements.
    • Compilation of 10-year maintenance plans.

Top-of-line Software:

  • Our clients will have access to top-of-the-range sectional title and management software that allows for complete transparency. It’s the seamless and easy alternative for your whole accounting process. Use it for:
    • Levy invoices.
    • Arrears runs.
    • Running AGM and Trustee meetings.
  • Access to cloud-based software, offering a portal for members, owners and tenants, which also allows for the creation of information bulletin boards.