Our agents are experienced in all aspects of property management and letting, for residential or commercial properties, and promise you peace of mind as they secure the best possible returns on your investment.

We commit to advertising your property as widely as possible, sourcing suitable and reliable tenants, arranging viewings, securing references and conducting credit checks, and negotiating the lease agreement.

Commercial Property Management and Rentals

Our services include:


  • Advertising your property to potential tenants through all available media channels.
  • Sourcing suitable, reliable tenants.
  • Arranging viewings for applicants.
  • Erecting ‘to rent’ signage outside the property.

Tenant selection:

  • Conducting thorough background checks on all potential tenants.
  • Obtaining and inspecting bank statements.
  • Checking all references.
  • Establishing the rental amount a potential tenant can afford.

Lease Management:

  • Negotiating the lease agreement.
  • Providing a comprehensive, attorney-approved lease pack.
  • Ensuring all relevant documents are correctly initialed and signed.
  • Ensuring all escalations, turnover rental, deposits and renewal clauses are evident.

Facilities Management 

  • Site inspection and detailed maintenance reports.
  • Post occupancy inspections. 
  • Dealing with service providers. 
  • Arranging all scheduled services to air conditioners, fire extinguishers, lifts and all general equipment.
  • Compile maintenace schedules and assit with budgeting. 
  • Meter Reading. 
  • Appointing contractors. 

Administration and Financial Services:

  • Collecting tenant deposits.
  • Paying all municipal accounts, suppliers and creditors.
  • Paying net rental to the landlord.
  • Preparing financial reports.
  • Sending out invoices (rental amounts, utility charges, rates and sewage).
  • Sending out statements.
  • Following up on arrears.
  • Handing over tenants to attorneys for non-compliance with lease terms.
  • Ensuring all annual escalations, turnover rental and municipal charge increases are reflected on invoices.
  • Paying for all completed work.